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What is Coaching, Mentoring & Coach Supervision and who is it for?

Coaching, Mentoring and Coach Supervision will work for everyone in different ways to achieve personal fulfilment.

Those who are lacking in confidence; capable of doing more; frustrated and overwhelmed by their workload; wanting to progress their careers or get more from their team.

Everyone can benefit from bringing clarity to thinking and solutions to frustrations.

We support your learning, stimulate action, change and improve communication skills and encourage self-driven, best practice.

We listen, support without judgement and celebrate successes along the way and always with absolute confidentiality.

A Coach | Mentor Training Programme will:

  • stimulate managers and leaders to adopt a transformational style of leadership
  • qualify independent practitioners to offer external coaching | mentoring services to business development
  • help find more positive ways to motivate than ‘telling’ people by building on managers’ existing skills to have coaching| mentoring conversations with their teams.

A Coach Supervision Training Programme will:

  • enable in-house expertise for developing, supporting and advising on professional practice for organisational coaches | mentors
  • develop experienced coaches | mentors to deliver supervision services in support of professional practice for independent and organisational practitioners.

Our coach supervision training has been awarded the EMCC European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA). Clients offering in-house supervision services for their coaches and who have engaged us in providing this training include Deutsche Bank, Euroclear, Grant Thornton, Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, NHS, Vodafone and Eircom.

We’ve successfully converted our Diploma for Coach | Mentor Coach Supervision training to virtual delivery in 2019 and are now on Cohort 10.

Coach Supervision Training Programme Extract

Delivery of our programmes:

Together we will find a package that works for you and fits seamlessly into your own schedule and work-routine.

Our modular workshops enhanced by web-based learning and social media give on-going support throughout programme delivery.

In response to requests from individuals wishing to train as coaches | mentors we have introduced a creative and flexible learning approach to programme completion. This enables individuals to start the programme when they like and to design their own time-line for completion.

Coaching, Mentoring and Coach Supervision Services

  • Coach | Mentor Services

Executive Coaching and Mentoring is offered by Dr Lise Lewis who is an EMCC EIA accredited Master Coach.

Lise’s profile will give you an idea of the type of expertise her practice offers, who she works with, her approach as a coach | mentor and how she can help. Lise is always willing to arrange a meeting to talk about your individual needs, talk more about what coaching and mentoring offer and to gain an idea whether a working arrangement together is the best way forward. Lise will also offer suggestions for alternative practitioners is your focus for coaching | mentoring is outside the scope of her practice.

  • Coach | Mentor Supervision Services

As an EMCC accredited ESIA Coach | Mentor Supervisor Lise also offers one-to-one Supervision as well as Group Supervision. Most clients prefer a mix of both. Group supervision to work with peers and to benefit from shared learning and one-to-one for those times when you want specific support just for you.

Guidelines for supervision are available on the EMCC Global website (include link to Statement for Supervision on EMCC Global’s website) encourages regular supervision to enable you to reflect on your practice in a safe and confidential environment. It’s all about developing your practice in line with professional standards and offering your client’s the best of you.

  • One-to-one Supervision:

Lise has extensive experience as a supervisor with many years and hours of practice completed. Let her clients tell you something about what it’s like to work with her.

  • Group Supervision:

Lise has supervised groups of coaches and supervisors on the Bluesky International EMCC Global accredited trainings for several years alongside practice groups of independent practitioners – often graduates of the trainings.

Dr Lise Lewis’ Profile


If you like to know more about what these services can offer you email or call Lise

lise.lewis@blueskyinternational.com or phone +44(0)7702 859545


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