What we do

What is Coaching, Mentoring & Coach Supervision and who is it for?

Coaching, Mentoring and Coach Supervision will work for everyone, one way or another.

Those who are lacking in confidence; capable of doing more; frustrated and overwhelmed by their workload; wanting to progress their careers or get more from their team.

Everyone can benefit from bringing clarity to thinking and solutions to frustrations.

We help you identify tools and techniques to encourage learning, stimulate action, change and improve communication skills and encourage self-driven, best practice.

We listen, support and celebrate successes along the way without judgment and always with absolute confidentiality.

A Coach | Mentor Training Programme will:
stimulate managers and leaders to adopt a transformational style of leadership and qualify independent practitioners to offer external coaching | mentoring services to business;
help find more positive ways to motivate than ‘telling’ people by building on managers’ existing skills to have coaching| mentoring conversations with their teams.

A Coach Supervision Training Programme will:
enable in-house expertise for developing, supporting and advising on professional practice for organisational coaches | mentors;
develop experienced coaches | mentors to deliver supervision services in support of professional practice for independent and organisational practitioners.

Our coach supervision training has been awarded the EMCC European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA). Clients offering in-house supervision services for their coaches and who have engaged us in providing this training include Deutsche Bank, Euroclear, Grant Thornton and Metropolitan Police. We’ve also provided training for clients of Kingstown College clients in Dublin.


Coach Supervision Training Programme Brochure

Coach Supervision Training Programme Extract


Delivery of our programmes:
Together we will find a package that works for you and fits seamlessly into your own schedule and work-routine.

Our modular workshops enhanced by web-based learning and social media give on-going support throughout programme delivery.

In response to requests from individuals wishing to train as coaches | mentors we have introduced a creative and flexible learning approach to programme completion. This enables individuals to start the programme when they like and to design their own time-line for completion.

Coaching, Mentoring and Coach Supervision Services

Executive and Relational Leadership Coaching and Mentoring is:
coaching and mentoring that goes beyond traditional development activities to get to the heart of individual success. This is targeted learning which reacts to very specific roles that need to be achieved and measured.

By breaking down the barriers that prevent us achieving our objectives we can learn the skills to provide structure, motivation and accountability. From this foundation we grow confidence to inspire others; sustain productive relationships; up-skill to successful leadership and find ways to make creative, concise decisions in complex, rapidly changing environments.

Women Leaders

Our programme also offers specific confidence-building to women leaders wishing to retain their individuality and to build amazing resilience and energy to face and conquer the challenges and demands in today’s business environment.

Team coaching

  • Focuses on business success through improving team performance
  • Your teams will evaluate working practices and how they become a team of excellence by adopting a ‘team mindset’

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