Coaching, Mentoring & Coach Supervision Services

Executive coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring motivate people to improve their effectiveness. They go beyond traditional development activities, to get to the heart of individual success. For individuals, our one-to-one learning approach, offers a cost effective and flexible method of developing managers and leaders. It is targeted learning that happens when and where a manager needs it most and which reacts to specific tasks, skills or techniques that need to be achieved and measured. Coaching and mentoring break down the barriers that can prevent the achievement of objectives. They provide structure, motivation and accountability, by encouraging managers to gather a clear perspective and to focus on and achieve success.

  • Bluesky International coaching and mentoring help people be passionate about what they do
  • Individuals benefit by reviewing their personal goals and development plans in line with business planning processes
  • Managers and leaders assess and invigorate their approach to developing people
  • Your organisation benefits from improvements to the bottom line
  • Bluesky International executive coaching and mentoring produce evidence of return on investment through measurable success criteria

Development areas that clients typically bring include:

  • Growing confidence in personal effectiveness as a leader who inspires teams to excel
  • Appropriately up-skilling managers transitioning into leadership
  • Communicating with emotional intelligence to sustain productive relationships
  • Creatively solving decisions in complex and rapidly changing environments
  • Confidence building for women leaders

Coaching and mentoring skills training programmes

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) European Quality Award (EQA) PRACTITIONER level:

Diploma for Professional Coaches and Mentors

This EQA accreditation is recognised internationally. It has been designed using researched standards highly respected in the coaching and mentoring industry. It is modular with a high level of skills practice appropriate for managers, leaders and those offering an in-house coaching/mentoring service. The programme is delivered by qualified coach/mentor facilitators and features continuous learning activities using social media platforms

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Levels 3, 5 and 7 qualifications:

We deliver the complete suite of these coaching and mentoring UK branded endorsed and qualification programmes. ILM membership is included for six months:

Introduction to Coaching for Managers – ILM Endorsed programme (2 days + workplace practice) Details available on request.

Suitable for managers wishing to improve line management through use of coaching skills. At the end of this programme managers will be able to apply coaching as part of their operational responsibilities for people development and improving performance. This programme appeals to those wanting an understanding of coaching without fulfilling the qualification specification

ILM Level 3 Qualifications:

Award in Coaching (2 days + workplace practice) click here for more information

  • Gives confidence to use coaching to help motivate, inspire, challenge, stimulate and offer guidance to others

Certificate in Coaching (2 days + workplace practice)

  • The same as the Award programme above with the opportunity of completing an extended period of workplace coaching to gain the Certificate level qualification

ILM Level 5 Qualifications:

Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring click here for more information

  • a modular programme appropriate for individuals using coaching and mentoring in their business role or starting their own professional practice

Diploma for Professional Management Coaches and Mentors These details available on request

  • the same as the Certificate programme with an opportunity for an extended period of business coaching and suitable for those already using coaching in their role or practice

ILM Level 7 Qualifications:

Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring click here for more information

  • equips practising senior leaders, managers, independent practitioners, or those working in learning and development role with the skills, knowledge and practice capability to work effectively as coaches and mentors

Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

  • the same as the Certificate programme and with a significant period of supervised practice. Appropriate for professional coaches | mentors with an independent practice, senior leaders, managers and in-house practitioners

Coach supervision

One-to-one supervision for practising coaches

  • This service enables you to reflect on and develop your practice with a qualified supervisor and to demonstrate continuing professional development to clients and purchasers of your services. One-to-one supervision is appropriate for ‘internal’ and ‘external’ coaches who regularly practice.

Group supervision

  • This service is a cost effective way of reviewing coaching scenarios, skills updating and gaining feedback on your practice

Contact Bluesky International to discuss which supervision approach works best for you.

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA) accredited Certificate in Coach Supervision

For organisations with an internal coaching service we offer coach supervision training for your more experienced practitioners who will support and develop your coaches.

Coach Supervision Training – for a sample programme Click Here

Team coaching

  • Working one-to-one and with your teams Bluesky International coaching focuses on business success through improving people’s performance
  • Your teams will evaluate their working practices and how they can become a team of excellence by adopting a ‘team mindset’ approach

Team coaching sample activities:

  • taking responsibility for personal and team leadership
  • developing yourself and others to excel
  • creating a learning environment which embraces change
  • focusing energy on the business
  • playing to people’s strengths

Become qualified with internationally recognised accredited EMCC and ILM programmes