About Bluesky International

Bluesky International, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England offers you quality coaching, mentoring and coach supervision services – delivered nationally and internationally – for both people employed in business and for independent practitioners who offer external support. Our Executive Coaching | Mentoring and training services focus on excellence for organisations that realise success really does depend on caring for their people. They want to give them a rewarding work experience knowing this will encourage engagement and best performance.

Bluesky was formed in 2000 by Lise Lewis and was rebranded Bluesky International when the company expanded beyond the UK. Services have evolved to meet and inform the exponential growth of coaching, the sustained contribution of mentoring and the recognition that coach supervision is a vital support function for organisational and independent practitioners.

Today, all Bluesky International services – which are designed especially for you – offer cutting edge learning opportunities informed by evidence based research. Our purpose is to create value for you – see us as a business partner delivering professional services that meet the specific needs of your people through an understanding that change is inevitable and enriching.

Our coaches and facilitators

Our executive, business and leadership coaches have specialist experience, are professionally qualified and are either accredited or working towards accreditation. They all subscribe to the Code of Ethics for their membership organisation.

Our coaching/mentoring development programmes are certificated and accredited. They are delivered by professional coaches. For details of the EMCC Programme click here. For details of the ILM programme click here.

Our leadership and management development programmes are designed to meet individual learning plans which align with development strategies and business objectives. They are delivered by trained facilitators with subject knowledge and expertise.

Become qualified with internationally recognised accredited EMCC and ILM programmes